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3D GayVilla 2

3D GayVilla 2
    Название: 3D GayVilla 2
    Жанр: 3rd / For Adults
    Разработчик: Oxin's Style
    Издатель: N/A
    Год выхода: 2008
    Язык интерфейса: English
    Лекарство: Не требуется

    3D GayVilla 2 released
    GayVilla 2 released with many new gameplay features!
    Finally we are finished with our complete new development of the GayVilla called GayVilla 2. It's not only an update, it's a whole new program with a huge amount of new features.
    What are the new features of GayVilla 2?
    * new customizer
    o now in a fancy dressing room of its own, with numerous playful animations as you dress up your dream boy
    o enhanced body customizing with changeable hairstyles and freckles
    o cool tattoos placeable on the neck, shoulder, arm right
    o introducing the FaceMaker: make your own dream boy with this incredible feature allowing to adjust any facial feature wanted
    o expanded wardrobe with countless pieces for combinations of your own or pre-assembled outfits fitting into the different locations and stories
    * intuitive graphical user interface
    o assemble your own quick bar with your favorite tools, poses, and features
    o improved overall usability of the navigation
    * story mode available
    o choose between a free fuck mode, a quick mode and a story mode for every location
    o find yourself thrown into diverse situations where everything counts that gets your dreamboy hook up with you!
    o scenarios for every location in different degrees of difficulty
    * shop system
    o fuck and play your way through the game to pile up heaps of SexCoins
    o spend your earned SexCoins in the in-game shop to unlock SexPacks and advance in the game
    * improved sex simulation
    o new foreplay feature including kissing and petting
    o even more realistic and livelier sex scenes
    o cum shots: bring your sexmate to orgasm and finish with a formidable cumshot on his face, chest, or ass
    * New location
    o The pool: Enjoy these luxurious premises and have fun in the sun!
    o The Stage: The show must go on! The curtain rises for some very hot performances…
    o The Backstage Area: Where the ordinary public is excluded, you are granted special access: the backstage area, where the models and dancing boys undress for you!
    * New outfits
    o Guys get a cool new boarder short.
    o The casual outfit has received a lifting.
    * New models
    o Jack, John, Ryan
    * New tool
    o Saver sex: condom
    * Customization
    o makeup, eyeliner, eyeshadow rouge
    o skin color
    * Technical options
    o Proxy server configuration dialog: You have now the possibility to change the settings of your proxy server in the game.
    * Minor bugfixes
    o Animation: Arms not twisted anymore when changing from Blow to Cross pose
    o Photoposes now available in several rooms

    Системные требования: Microsoft™️ Windows XP / Vista,Intel™️ Pentium 4 or compatible (AMD, ...), Память: 512MB RAM or more, Видео-карта: 64 MB 3D Graphics accelerator, resolution 1024*768 or higher,
    32 MB 3D Graphics accelerator with support for OpenGL or Direct X


    Год выхода:
    1970 год
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